The Made Man HONORS

The Made Man HONORS is a global multi-tiered corporate and community initiative designed to honor the extraordinary accomplishments of notable male influencers for their leadership, lifetime achievement in their respective fields of work, social consciousness, and significant contributions to community empowerment, while building a bridge for these male influencers to inspire, motivate and enhance the community.

The Made Man Honors Ceremony and Reception

Also designed to give honorees an opportunity to positively impact youth and young adult males with tools for success. Each honoree is nominated by the community and participates in a full day of community empowerment activities culminating in an official formal ceremonial event that includes:

Honorees benefits include:

  • Pre-Event, Personal Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Press Acknowledgement
  • Featured Editorial on
  • Business Leadership Network for Global Leaders Induction

Programs, Activations, & Technology

Technology Programs

  • Mastermind Series, eLearning
  • FundMyEd, College Application Financial Assistance
  • ME, Mentors Engagement App*
  • SuitUp App*

*Technology is currently in production.