Boys 2 Made Men Scholar Program

The Made Man Foundation partnered with EDU,Inc. to create the Made Man scholars a program to allow students in designated school districts on the Made Man tour to complete the Common Black College Application ( CBCA) for free . The CBCA allows students to complete the one application and apply to 53 Historically Black Colleges and Universities ( HBCU ) at the same time

To date , The Foundation has sponsored over 6,000 to complete the CBCA for free. The completion of the application allows students to receive acceptance letters, financial aid packages and scholarship offers from several different Historically Black Colleges and Universities ( HBCU).

In addition to increasing the number of educational options to students, the HBCU Bound Initiative aids Historically Black College & Universities in the achievement of their enrollment objectives – ultimately helping these HBCUs to maintain their viability.

Programs, Activations, & Technology

Technology Programs

  • Mastermind Series, eLearning
  • FundMyEd, College Application Financial Assistance
  • ME, Mentors Engagement App*
  • SuitUp App*

*Technology is currently in production.