Why The Made Man Matters

The Made Man Foundation addresses challenges that affects men who have many roles including father, son, husband, mentor, leader, nephew to name a few, which in turn has the breadth and depth to affect every member of society as a whole.

TMM engagement strategy addresses a strength based & positive approach for transformational leadership by understanding the need to uplift & empower, showcase and recognize extraordinary achievements of notable male influencers for leadership in their respective fields of work , social consciousness and significant contributions to community empowerment , while building a bridge for these male influencers to engage , inspire , motivate & invest in our communities.

TMM features leaders invested in being involved and evolved to address issues that impact societal stability and empowers men to actualize optimization in the home, family, professional development for community advancement of all , to include men, women and youth respectively.

TMM foundation addresses the social , business narrative and imagery of male leadership by connecting and engaging their good deeds in their communities , businesses and themselves.

TMM’s execution & sustainability model includes strategically producing in-market tours globally, executing community engagement programs, partnerships & leveraging e-learning & digital platforms as cornerstones to enhance the impact and empowerment of leaders, supporters & communities we serve.

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